What is the G-Fit Boot Camp?

Garrett WatsonQuite simply, G-Fit Boot Camp is the ultimate fitness experience. Our mission is to bring out the very best in you whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete. Your body will be transformed with custom workouts designed to shred body fat, build lean muscle mass, and increase your fitness level. Instructors are there to help motivate and guide you to reach fitness heights that you have never achieved before on your own. You will be introduced to equipment and exercise techniques rarely used in traditional gyms. G-FIT Boot Camp is the evolution in fitness Boot Camps. No other Boot Camps can match the exercise variety used in G-Fit Boot Camps. You will not be bored! Don’t believe it? Check out some of these real life testimonials, or see what our founder Garrett Watson has to say.

Garrett Watson says, "Many people are intimidated by the word Boot Camps. I designed the G-Fit Boot Camp so that multiple fitness levels could be challenged in a safe and friendly environment using innovative exercise techniques and equipment. If you are ready to achieve real results and make a positive change in your health, body image, and self-esteem then G-FIT Boot Camps are for you."


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Why Choose G-Fit?

“Fitness” is about you!

If you find that you are comparing yourself to others, you’re going about your training all wrong. Fitness is not always about becoming the biggest, strongest or most beautiful individual. It is my belief that training for success is about giving everything you have with whatever you’ve been given for as long as you can. Leave nothing to regret and make no excuses. Ask yourself, “Did I do the very best I could?” If your answer is “Yes”, then you will be successful and pleased with yourself. My job is to guide you in achieving your full potential and to help you realize all your goals whether they are to improve sports performance or general health and fitness. We love what we do and we’re are dedicated to getting results for all of our clients


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Start Your Success With 5 Easy Steps

1Enlistment - Enter your e-mail address in to receive G-Fit Boot Camp newsletter, information about new classes, times and locations of the next G-FIT Boot CAMP.  Or, contact G-Fit directly at (502) 544-6336.

2Assessment - After enlistment you may choose to have a body fat, body girth measurement, and fill out a heath status questionnaire to establish a starting point in your training.

3Training - You will begin training in one of our 5 week classes with a goal of achieving results better then ever before.

4Graduation - You may choose to have another assessment performed to establish training results after your five weeks of training.

5G-FIT Boot Camp - The Ultimate Fitness Experience